• The Machine adopts human-computer interface to control the whole working procedures,auto-loading,auto blowing,auto dropping, Fast speed, accurate position, smooth action.
  • According to special demand, adopt cross double crank pressed clamping, with strong clamping force.
  • For infrared heater lamps have strong penetrations, performs are heated uniformly while rotating, PLC or electronic SSR adjustor controls each group of temperature separately.
  • Particular pre-heater design makes perform close while heating, Change space, Shorten heating tunnel and reduce energy consumption according to the bottle size while blowing.
  • The air supply system consists of, high pressure blow, low pressure action, to supply enough air for different products.
  • Reliable and special valve design make all the air system clear.
  • Production workmanship process is fully automatic to make best quality With less investment, high efficiency, easy operation, simple repair, safety etc.
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